1. Participants of constitutional proceedings within the bounds of their authority shall enjoy equal procedural rights.
2. Participants of constitutional proceedings shall have the following rights:
1) to peruse materials of proceedings, to make extracts from them and to take photocopies;
2) to submit evidences, participate in their investigation and to prove those circumstances to which they refer as the basis for their appeals and objections;
3) to submit their arguments and thoughts on all the issues which emerge in the course of the constitutional proceedings to the Constitutional Council;
4) file petitions and express their opinion on petitions filed;
5) provide oral and written explanations to the Constitutional Council.
3. A participant of constitutional proceedings shall:
1) on whose appeal the constitutional proceedings are instituted, have the right prior to the beginning of the session of the Constitutional Council at which a final decision is to be adopted, to change the basis of the petition, increase or reduce its volume or repudiate the petition.
2) have the right to recognize claims filed in the petition fully or partially or to object against them, with regard to acts on which constitutional proceedings are instituted.
4. Participants of constitutional proceedings shall be obliged as follows:
1) conscientiously exercise their rights. Report to the Constitutional Council deliberately false information or failure to file documents, materials and other information required by the Constitutional Council, shall be considered as disregard to the Constitutional Council and it shall entail liability in accordance with the law;
2) respect the Constitution of the Republic, the Constitutional Council, its requirements, and procedures adopted by the Constitutional Council;
3) obey ordinances of the Chairman with regard to compliance with the order at sessions.
(Article 21 of the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan» 29 December 1995,             № 2737).