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On August 27, the online International Symposium on the topic: «The Internet Era: The Rule of Law, the Values of Person, the State Independence”, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence and the Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was completed by the end of the day.

The results of the Forum were summed up by the Chairman of the Constitutional Council Kairat Mami.

Forum participants are unanimous that the Constitution is the basis of Independence and contains the basic elements of statehood.

In the context of the digitalization of the economy, governance and other segments of social life, law becomes the object of the influence of modern technologies, which makes it necessary to rethink, to a certain extent, previously established concepts and institutions. In this process, the Basic Law of the State defines the fundamental principles that must be taken into account within the framework of a digital civilization.

First and foremost, information technology should serve to enhance the implementation of constitutional human rights. The pandemic period had showed that digital tools had enabled the population to maintain its basic standard of living at a difficult time.

In their opinion, the constitutional review bodies play an important role in the implementation, development and protection of constitutional values. The world’s leading legal scholars support the need to further strengthen cooperation in order to find solutions to global challenges.

After two years of successful Presidency of the Constitutional Council of Kazakhstan in the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions, this mission for 2021-2023 was transferred to the Constitutional Court of Mongolia. The flag of the organization was solemnly received by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia Luvsan Battulga.

The Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of Mongolia, Chinbat Namjil, said that the Asian Association is dynamically developing and makes a significant contribution to the establishment of the rule of law in the Asian continent. The efforts of the Mongolian side in the next two years will be aimed at strengthening the capacity of the structure.

The guests expressed their sincere gratitude to the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the successful holding of the Symposium.