Letter of Appreciation from the Constitutional Court of Korea


Dear Chainnan Kairat Mami, On behalf of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Korea, please accept my heartfelt congratulation on the 25 th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. I would also like to express my deep appreciation for you and the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan on successfully hosting the 4 Ul AACC Congress and the Board of Members’ meeting. This 4 th AACC Congress offered an invaluable opportunity to connect with you and other chief justices of AACC members, justices, and delegations of international organizations online and gain in-depth insight on main issues in constitutional adjudication brought about by the current global challenge. Despite this meeting being the first online AACC conference, I was particularly impressed by how smoothly the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan ran the whole meeting. I also convey my appreciation to Secretary General Bakyt Nurmukhanov and the staff of your Council for their hard work. I believe this meeting has produced fruitful results including the new membership of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, the revision of the Statute of the AACC to make it possible to hold an online conference, and the adoption of the Nur-Sultan Declaration. 1 hope that your experience at this meeting will lead to a successful hosting of an international symposium scheduled to be held in Nur- Sultan next year. Let me conclude by renewing my sincere gratitude to you and your Council for their effort towards the development of the AACC and the 4 lh Congress despite the COVID 19 outbreak, and wish you good health and happiness and continued prosperity of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Secretariat of Congress

For all questions concerning the Congress, please contact the following contacts:

Phone: +7 7172 74 76 32; +7 7172 74 79 58
Website: http://www.ksrk.gov.kz
Email addresses: maral_1170@mail.ru,

Emergency phones

Fire Service – 101
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Ambulance – 103
Emergency Rescue – 112

Other information

Weather There is a sharply continental temperate climate in Nur-Sultan. Summer here can be both very hot and dry, and rainy and windy. According to 2019 data, an actual average monthly temperature of the month in August is 20.5°. The highest temperature of 37.9° was on August 6.
Time Zone: GMT +6
Electricity: 220 volts, 50 Hz, plugs (type C, E, F)
Phone: +7 (country code); 7172 (city code of Nur-Sultan)