B. Nurmukhanov the Chief of Staff of the Constitutional Council, the officer on communications of the Venice commission participates in the 17th meeting of the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice of the European Commission for Democracy through Law of the Council of Europe (Venice Commission) which, at the invitation of the Federal Court of Switzerland, takes place in Lausanne. 

Representatives (officers on communications) of staff of constitutional justice bodies of more than 40 countries as well as the delegation of the European Court of Human Rights, Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of Africa and the Union of Arab Constitutional Courts and Councils will take part in the meeting.

The purpose of the annual meeting is to strengthen cooperation between constitutional control bodies and the Venice Commission on the rule of law issues.

The program of the event also includes a conference on “Gender, equality and discrimination”, within the framework of which participants will present their countries’ experiences.




May 16 in St. Petersburg, the Chairman of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mami K.A. took part in the plenary session of the VIII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum on "The Future of the Legal Profession".

The Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev opened the forum.

Heads of state structures of the Russian Federation, bodies of constitutional control, parliaments, courts and human rights institutions of more than 90 countries, as well as authoritative international organizations took part in the solemn ceremony.

On the same day, under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the Constitutional Council of Kazakhstan Mami K.A. The Conference of the Constitutional Control Authorities of New Democracies (hereinafter - the Conference) was held.

It involves the bodies of constitutional control of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

At the end of last year, the Chairman of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mami K.A. was elected Chairman of this organization.

In his speech at a meeting of colleagues Mami K.A. said: "The conference promotes deepening of cooperation between its members and provides an opportunity to discuss common issues related to the implementation of the mission entrusted to us. On the part of Kazakhstan, every effort will be made to further expand the Association and enhance its authority on the world stage. "

According to the agenda, the following issues were considered:

- participation of the Conference in the 5th Congress of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice, to be held in Algiers in 2020. In particular, the issues of holding meetings of regional and linguistic associations within the framework of the Congress were touched upon;

- approval of the new logo of the Conference;

- hearing members of the Conference on plans and activities in their countries;

- cooperation and conclusion of relevant memorandums with other associations of constitutional justice bodies, established according to regional, linguistic and other principles;

- holding the next meeting of the members of the Conference in Astana and others.

In the course of the meeting, representatives of the participating countries made statements with their proposals in staging and implementing the organization's future plans.

Chairman of the Conference Mami K.A. Expressed gratitude to the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation V.D. Zorkin for the opportunity to organize a meeting.

The meeting of the Conference is held within the framework of the VIII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.