On March 6, 2020 in Almaty, the Chairman of the Constitutional Council Kairat Mami has participated in a round table on the theme: «The Constitution and the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan – the foundation of stability, modernization and unity».
This event has been held as part of the National action plan on organization and conducting the 25th Anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan
The forum has been organized by the Constitutional Council and the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan.
The forum has been attended by the Deputy of the Executive Director of the Fund of the First President of Kazakhstan I.Rogov, and the heads of state bodies, deputies of Parliament, representatives of ethnic and cultural associations, as well as prominent scientists of the country.
Mr. Kairat Mami in his welcome speech has noted that the Constitutional principles of social progress presuppose the existence of such relationships between the state, public organizations and citizens, when issues of their interaction should be resolved by civilized methods based on consensus, the principles of the rule of law. Such a regime has been characterized by democratic methods of administration and respect the human person. These approaches have been an actual at the present stage of development of statehood, as evidenced by recent events in Kordai. Our common aim - preservation and enhancement of the main wealth of our state: peace and harmony in society.