The Institute of legislation and comparative law under the Government of  Russian Federation, together with the International lawyers' union, is holding  the XV International school of young legal scholars on "The Constitution and modernization of legislation" in online format from may 27 to June 5, 2020.
The school workshop brings together outstanding scientists and young researchers from Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries of the near and far abroad in creative scientific research, conceptual development of new directions and expanding the horizons of legal regulation.
The staff of the Constitutional Council takes part in round tables held within the framework of the forum, namely:
"Constitutional transformations in Russia and scenarios for the modernization of domestic legislation" - Badalieyv M.K.;
"The role of the Constitutional Court of  Russian Federation in modernization of civil legislation and process" - Artemyeva E.A.;
"The Constitution as the basis for fighting corruption, the shadow economy and criminal business" - Suleimenova M.S.;
"Judicial control of basic rights in the digital environment" - Bekenova       A.G.;
"COVID-19 and forecast of the legal systems evolution in the world (research projects of international organizations)» - Kress N.V.;
"Constitutional guarantees of information of  security of participants in genomic research: state and prospects of legislation modernization" - Akhanova    S.M.;
"Development of legislation on genomic research in the context of new constitutional priorities and threats to public health and safety" - Tasbulatov N.Zh.