К. Мами в Парламенте огласил Послание  Конституционного Совета

On June 22, 2020, at a joint session of the Chambers of the Parliament, Chairman of the Constitutional Council K.Mami announced the annual message of the Constitutional Council  "On the state of constitutional legality in the Republic of Kazakhstan".
As K. Mami noted, knowledge and adherence to the Constitution, respect for it as the main legal document is an urgent task of any democratic state.
This year of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan celebrates its 25th anniversary. Therefore, this message is dedicated to summarizing the results of constitutional construction over the past five years.
As the Council pointed out, this period was marked by significant historical events for the strengthening of Kazakhstan's statehood.
Last year, in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution, Kazakhstan held the transition of Supreme power and early presidential elections.
Time has shown the prospects of mutually enriching activities of the First President of the Republic – Elbasy and the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is aimed at achieving the common goals of prosperity of Kazakhstan, peace and harmony in society. 
The work on the consistent consolidation of constitutionalism continues in the country. Activities have been launched to further democratize state and public life. A fundamentally new Law on the organization and holding of peaceful meetings is adopted, there are laws regulating the activities of the opposition, twice reduced the number of citizens to create political parties, a mandatory 30 % quota for women and youth in electoral party lists and others is introduced.
With a broad representation of various segments of society in the National Council of public trust, a new political culture is being built.
All efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic are based on the Constitution's requirement that the individual, his or her life, rights and freedoms are the highest values.
The message of the constitutional control body shows positive dynamics in the implementation of the final decisions of the constitutional Council.
Thus, in the implementation of its legal positions, the jurisdiction of criminal proceedings with the participation of jurors has been expanded, a new Administrative procedural code has been developed, and amendments have been made to improve all stages of rule-making work. Measures are being taken to improve the effectiveness of state policy in the field of social protection of the disabled. Amendments are being made to the law "On housing relations" in terms of improving the grounds for evicting tenants from housing provided from the state housing Fund.
The Chairman of the Constitutional Council emphasized that the entry of the first President of the Republic - Elbasy into the Constitutional Council continued the trend to strengthen the body of constitutional justice.
The Constitutional Council has made specific proposals to strengthen the principles of the rule of law in the country.
The Council considers it necessary to approve a new policy document in the field of legal policy.
In a unitary state, it considers important to ensure uniform law-making and law enforcement practices. This is especially relevant for legislation adopted in the 90s of the last century. The Council recommended that they should be carefully reviewed for compliance with the constitutional requirements and, if necessary, adopted in a new version. Rapid development of E-government infrastructure requires the creation of an adequate legal framework. 
A separate set of recommendations of the Constitutional Council concerns the protection of human rights. These include strengthening constitutional guarantees of the rights of participants in civil proceedings, in particular, the right of minors to qualified legal assistance; ensuring fairness and proportionality of restrictions on citizens ' rights; creating conditions for full implementation by owners of their property rights; legislative regulation of the procedure for applying the law in cases of administrative offenses, etc.  
The Constitutional Council considers that an important task of the authorized bodies is to thoroughly review the entire legal framework in order to ensure the semantic identity of the texts of legislative acts in  Kazakh and Russian languages.
The most important condition for strengthening the constitutional legality is the increase in the level of legal culture of citizens, for which the approval of the state program of legal education is proposed.
K. Mami also proposed to improve the procedural order of consideration by the courts of applications of the parties to verify the constitutionality of the law applied in the case, as well as the constitutional law "On the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan". This is necessary to strengthen the guarantees of constitutional human rights and develop the country's legal system, with the Constitution of the Republic playing a leading role.
The 25th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan is an occasion first of all for a comprehensive understanding of its provisions, development of additional measures to implement constitutional values, the Chairman of the Constitutional Council summed up.